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Strategy improvement, new concepts

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Emotional added value and guest loyalty

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We bring in more guests!

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We cook better and with more variety!

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Temptation of the five senses!

Heartily welcome! I am pleased that you visit my website.

Competence and economical thinking for
your business success.

NUVOS 360° is a holistic approach for the management consulting.
The pragmatic approach: creative and innovative solutions from practice to practice, gained through careful analysis of the operation of all relevant aspects.

The starting point of thought processes is the guest point of view, because priority is the satisfaction of guests, visitors and customers. All suggestions will be immediately checked on their impact on the entire operational results. In the complex view 360° I advise you and looking after your staff.

Current conceptual models are used as well as innovative systems in the service industry and its suppliers. The solutions are measurable improvements along the entire chain of value creation and ensure sustainability by supporting measures.

Benefits maximization and profit optimization are in my constant focus in the business areas and at different tasks. In my working process I orient myself to the "ÖNORM EN 16 114 management consulting services”.


Josef MeringerCMC - Certified Management Consultant

Josef Meringer CMC

Hospitality Business

There is no second chance for the first impression. With creativity and innovation new positioning of the "temptation of the 5 senses", offering "specialities" and inspiring for eating out to increasing the frequency.

Training & Workshops

Getting better and better training and specific workshops are required.
PI Performance improvement, PIP profit improvement proposals,
guest Satisfaction by attitude 100% and "CASH"-the essentials for succes!